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Ortelius (64 Departures)

from 6138 GBP
  • Ortelius
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The vessel has the highest ice-class notation (UL1, equivalent to 1A) and is therefore suitable to navigate in solid one-year sea ice as well as loose multi-year pack ice. Ortelius can accommodate up to 116-123 passengers and has an abundance of open-deck spaces. It is manned by 22 highly experienced nautical crew members, 19 hotel staff, eight expedition specialists (one expedition leader, one assistant, and six lecturer-guides), and one doctor.


16 Feb 2021
Ross Sea
32 days/31 nights returning 19 Mar 2021 View Route Itinerary
from 19841 GBP
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19 Mar 2021
Antarctic Peninsula – Polar Circle, Deep South Discovery and whale watching voyage
14 days/13 nights returning 1 Apr 2021 View Route Itinerary
from 6138 GBP
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Vessel Specifications
Length & Width: 91m x 17m
Year Built / Refurbished: 1989
Speed: 10.5 knots average cruising speed
Number of Cabins: 53 cabins

Diving Facilities
Equipment Rental: Jacket, Trousers & Mitts: $19.80 / day (on-line store)
Equipment Rental: Waterproof Jacket: $40.00 (on-line store)
Equipment Rental: Waterproof Pack: $36.00 (on-line store)
Equipment Rental: Waterproof Pants: $36.00 (on-line store)
Equipment Rental: Waterproof Parka: $50.00 (on-line store)

Equipment Information
.: $36.00 (on-line store)
Boots: Free use of rubber boots and snowshoes.

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